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We all know that Indian takeaways tend to get a bad reputation for being an unhealthy option, but traditionally South Asian diets consist of healthy vegetables, wholemeal breads, rice and lentils. Only when you add a lot of fat and too much salt to the dishes does your Indian diet quickly becomes far less healthy. But there’s no reason why your curry can’t be both delicious and nutritious. Try these 5 tips to enjoy your curry guilt-free.

1. Tomato-based curry sauces such as tandoori and madras can save you hundreds of calories when compared to cream-based dishes like korma and passanda. All the taste but with far less fat!

2. Add some extra fibre to your dinner and reduce your calorie intake by swapping your normal pilau rice for brown rice. Whilst pilau has oil added to it, brown rice doesn’t and has been proven to reduce high cholesterol and keep blood sugar levels in check. An easy switch with big benefits!

3. Why not switch up your korma and replace the cream with 0% fat Greek yoghurt? A great way to give a less healthy option a more nutritious kick.

4. Vegetarian options are always going to have fewer calories than fattier meat-based options. Mix up your dish by adding potatoes, chickpeas or any other veg of your choice.

5. If the vegetarian dishes don't do it for you, then opting for lean meat and fish like chicken and salmon is going to save you lots of calories compared to heavier meats such as beef and lamb. Much kinder to your waistline!

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