Ahmad Tea Earl Grey Decaffeinated, 20 Bags

Type: Tea

Decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea is a refined blend of black teas enhanced with our signature bergamot flavouring. Zesty and aromatic, it’s the perfect tea to unwind with in the evenings, or to enjoy anytime as a sophisticated, caffeine-free cuppa.

To remove the caffeine, a harmless CO2-wash technique is used. We favour this method as it leaves no chemical residues and retains the teas’ natural flavour, so no character is lost. CO2-washing is also better for the environment than other methods. Our Tea Masters blend the tea exactly as they do for our Earl Grey, adding our exclusive bergamot flavouring to give the brew its exotic, citrusy edge. So if you like the fine taste of our Earl Grey, but want to cut down on caffeine - this is the brew for you.

Gently floral and refreshing, our Decaffeinated Earl Grey makes a perfect ‘bedtime’ tea. We think it’s best lightly brewed and enjoyed black, perhaps with a slice of lemon. It also works well brewed strong and served with a splash of milk. We’re proud that our Decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea won a Great Taste Award in 2020. The judges praised it for being “a pleasant decaffeinated tea."

Earl Grey tea was named in honour of 19th Century British Prime Minister Charles Grey. We think our decaffeinated version makes a fine tribute, especially with Thomas Picken's "The New Houses of Parliament" painting on the box.